The London Abused Women's Centre offers abused women hope and help for their hurt through the provision of advocacy, counselling and support services in a safe, non-crisis, non-residential setting. This site is intended to provide you with information about the Centre's services as well as educational information about woman abuse. Included, you will find a number of articles, handouts and reports written by the Centre.

You can contact us by phone for an appointment for free counselling, advice and emotional support with a commitment to protecting your privacy. An interpreter will be made available through Across Languages if you prefer to speak in your own language.

In the counselling session, we offer safety planning and useful information about the abuse you are experiencing. Child care is provided during your appointment.

Contact us from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday at 519-432-2204 to make your appointment.

If you need emergency help, call 911.

For crisis counselling, call the Abused Women's Helpline at 519-642-3000.

Mission Statement
Provide long term feminist counselling, advocacy and support to abused women.


Be respected as a leading feminist agency in eradicating woman abuse at community and global levels.


The London Abused Women’s Centre believes:

  • All women are potential victims of violence and abuse for no other reason than their gender.
  • The most dangerous place for women continues to be their homes.
  • The majority of men are not abusive; however, the majority of abusers are men.
  • Relationships are not abusive, abusers are abusive.
  • When women are abused, their child(ren) will feel the pain.
  • A radical feminist approach to addressing patriarchy is essential in achieving women’s equality.
  • Abused women need immediate access to well-resourced services and safety plans and those services must include advocacy, education and collaboration.
  • Ending violence and abuse against women requires advocating for personal, social and political change.
  • In providing a safe workplace to its employees, all employees will be provided with opportunities for professional development, access to an employee assistance programme, ongoing recognition and response to vicarious trauma and benefits to promote self-care.
  • Financial stability and accountability to its stakeholders, clients and the community.


Advocacy: Actions taken to support or to be active in effecting change to a position, policy, cause or proposal.

Feminism: To support women’s rights and interests based on a belief in social, political, legal, and economic equality of the sexes.

To Contact the London Abused Women's Centre:
E-Mail: info@lawc.on.ca
Phone: 519-432-2204 (TDD)
Fax: 519-679-3918
Mail:  London Abused Women's Centre – 797 York Street - London, Ontario - N5W 6A8


 Click here for the Outline of London Abused Women's Centre Services


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