Just When You Think It’s All Over

 "Just When You Think It's All Over..." By: Judy Miller Rose and Heather Wharram available at the London Abused Women's Centre 

“A local story, set in London and the surrounding area, “Just When You Think It’s All Over . . . “ tells the story of how Judy Miller Rose survived horrific abuse against both her and her children at the hands of her then husband, including an attempted murder in 1983. Her memoir speaks to how community players, including the London Police Service and Women’s Community House, helped save Judy’s life and assisted her in protecting her children. It further speaks to how Judy and her children healed from the abuse and went on to flourish in their lives.

Reviews of the memoir include Retired Deputy Police Chief Brent Shea, who says: “Your book will provide victims of domestic assault with a detailed road map to assist them in their journey. It will also highlight to those who work with victims in the community of the impact they have: that their role is much more than ‘doing their job’ and Executive Director of London Abused Women’s Centre, Megan Walker, who states: “Heather and Judy’s collaborative effort has produced a story of strength, courage, selflessness and success. More importantly, it is a story of hope that is passed on from one survivor to thousands of others”.

Judy Miller Rose is an Advocate/Counsellor at the London Abused Women’s Centre who is passionate about her career and her family of four children, two step children, three grandchildren, and a loving husband.  Judy Miller Rose was the key-note speaker at the 17th Annual International Women's Day Breakfast and Auction benefiting the London Abused Women's Centre.  Heather Wharram is the Program Manager at the London Abused Women’s Centre. Heather is a first time author who loves to write, travel, hike, and spend time with her dog and loved ones.

"Just When You Think It's All Over"
can be purchased for $20 through the
London Abused Women's Centre.

For more information
email: info@lawc.on.ca
call: 519-432-2204

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