Be respected as a leading feminist agency in advocating for women’s equality and human rights at community and global levels.

Provide women and girls over the age of 12 who have been abused, tortured and/or sexually assaulted by an intimate partner, sex buyer, sex trafficker or anyone within the workplace with immediate access to long term woman-centred, trauma informed counselling, support and advocacy.

The London Abused Women’s Centre believes:

  • Men’s violence against women is a symptom of women’s inequality. Addressing the systemic issues that deny women full equality rights under Section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms must be the first priority of all levels of government
  • All women are potential victims of violence and abuse for no other reason than their gender
  • The most dangerous place for women continues to be in their homes
  • The majority of men are not abusive; however, the majority of abusers are men
  • Relationships are not abusive, abusers are abusive
  • Abused women have a right to immediate access to well-resourced services and safety plans and those services must include advocacy, education and collaboration
  • Ending male violence and abuse against women requires advocating for personal, social and political change. The actions we take locally must have a positive impact on women and girls globally
  • Financial stability and accountability to its stakeholders, clients and the community


  • The London Abused Women’s Centre is an abolitionist agency that believes most women enslaved in the sex trade (pornography, prostitution, adult entertainment, body rub/massage parlours, “strip” clubs, escort services) are trafficked;
  • The London Abused Women’s Centre supports the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act;
  • The London Abused Women’s Centre does NOT believe women “choose” to be prostituted/trafficked. The agency believes it is the choice of men to rape, torture, exploit and violate trafficked women;
  • The London Abused Women’s Centre believes prostituted/trafficked women are victims of torture, rape, exploitation and other violations, and that appropriate and fully-funded resources must be allocated to provide exited women with women-centred, survivor and trauma-informed services that may include housing, income support, debt counselling, residential and outpatient rehabilitation services for substance use, long-term counselling, secondary and post-secondary educational opportunities, job training, family reintegration, and access to hidden identity support and relocation.

London Abused Women’s Centre 2017

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