Nordic Model

The London Abused Women's Centre believes prostitution is men’s violence against women. We are advocating that in response to the Supreme Court of Canada decision on prostitution, the Government of Canada legislate the Nordic Model (decriminalize prostituted women, criminalize sex purchasers, mandate robust funding for services for women to exit the sex industry).  

Read more about the position of the London Abused Women's Centre:
Prostitution Legislation – A Way to Shift the Culture through a Three Prong Approach

Championing Women's Equality and Human Rights

A Global Movement to Abolish Prostitution

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Articles on the Nordic Model

We support the London Abused Women's Centre's Position:

1. Megan Walker
2. Jennifer Dunn
3. Kathryn Wilkins
4. Celina Nord
5. Sarah Forrester
6. Jim Cressman
7. Barb Ogglesby
8. Saundra-Lynn Coulter
9. Sharon Lindenburger
10. Linda Weedmark
11. Judy Miller Rose
12. Suzanne Jay
13. Jean Bernard
14. Linda MacDonald
15. Jeanne Sarson
16. Glendene Grant
17. Tanya Farnell
18. Deb Nanson
19. Hildegard Krieg
20. Sarah Janne Dimabuyu
21. Carol Demarcke
22. John Cassells
23. Sue Jenna Santos
24. Larissa Crack
25. Seanne Fortier
26. Carol Kuzyk
27. Jan Sosiak
28. Carell Wingrave
29. Ken McCullough
30. Donna-Marie Newfield
31. Simone Andrea
32. Theresa Peters
33. Shawn Peters
34. Janet Littlejohn
35. Janet Butts
36. Karen Lerner
37. Leslie Schnarr - Makins
38. Katie Kutryk
39. Clarinda Laforteza
40. Lindsay McElroy
41. Arely Cru
42. Nathalie Perreault
43. Simone Watson
44. Tracey Carboni
45. Janice Dunlop
46. Caitlin Roper
47. Brenda Strand
48. Maureen Master
49. Wendy Ferris
50. Pamela Hooge
51. Emma walker
52. Elizabeth A. Pickett
53. Jennifer White
54. Reinhart Gauss
55. Daniela Caruso
56. Wendy Lewis
57. Terre Spencer
58. Brenna Turton
59. Elizabeth Hungerford
60. David Heap
61. Michele Girash
62. Kylee Nixon
63. Sandra Blamires
64. Laurel Long
65. Chrystal Palmer
66. Meghan Murphy
67. Michael O'Gara
68. Samantha Berg
69. Megan diana Mackin
70. Winnie Small
71. Rebecca Big Canoe
72. Orla Hegarty
73. Kathleen de Vries
74. Michael Laxer
75. Susan Boyd
76. Lee Lakeman
77. Heather Wharram
78. Rachel Goodine
79. Anja Moore-Heighington
80. Elizabeth Sellwood
81. Pamela Rubin, Ll.B.
82. Candice Pilgrim


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