Does your community want to ‘Shine the Light’?


Shine the Light on Woman Abuse is a registered trademarked public awareness campaign of the London Abused Women’s Centre. The following is information about the Shine the Light on Woman Abuse campaign and how you can get involved through participation.

The campaign was developed in June 2010 and first launched October 15, 2010 in London, Ontario, Canada.

The campaign runs each November throughout the entire month, coinciding with the Province of Ontario’s Woman Abuse Prevention Month. 

Why take action on men’s violence against women?
Men’s violence against women is a prevalent issue in Canada:

  • On average, every 6 days a woman is killed by her intimate partner
  • 40% of women have been subjected to cyberviolence including harassment by text messages and postings on social media sites
  • Women are victims in 87% of “spousal assault” cases

The statistics are staggering, but there is hope. Through participating in the Shine the Light on Woman Abuse campaign, women will see that their community supports them in their quest to live a life free from violence. A woman will know that she is not to blame, and that her perpetrator should be held responsible.

The Shine the Light on Woman Abuse campaign also makes it easier for women to find resources within their community through highlighting agencies and organizations that are available for support. The sooner a woman can gain access to safety-planning, counselling, advocacy, and in some cases housing support, the sooner she can find safety, comfort, and begin to move forward with her life free from violence.

Why Purple?
Purple is a symbol of courage, survival and honour, and has come to symbolize the fight to end woman abuse.


  • Raise awareness of men’s violence against women by turning the city of London (and cities across the country) purple for the month of November;
  • stand in solidarity with abused women and support them in understanding that any shame and/or blame they may feel as a result of the abuse they are experiencing (or have experienced) does not belong to them but to the perpetrator of their abuse; and,
  • raise the profile of community agencies that can provide abused women with help as they attempt to live their lives free from violence and abuse.


How can the London community participate?
Local businesses, corporations, schools, places of worship, apartments, homes, etc. are invited to go purple! Decorate private and public spaces with purple lights, balloons, streamers or any other purple supplies of your choice.

November 15th (or the Friday before if the 15th falls on a weekend) is designated as “Wear Purple Day” where individuals are invited to wear purple to their workplaces and schools. Women’s advocates will participate in the day by speaking at various events to focus attention about the issue of men’s violence against women and sexual violence.

How can NEW communities/organizations officially participate?
Communities across the country can join in on the Shine the Light on Woman Abuse campaign provided they read and sign off on the following guidelines: Shine the Light on Woman Abuse campaign guidelines 

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