Value Women Campaign

I commit to value women and sign five more people to champion the cause for women

Goal: To Change the culture for women to one where women are equally valued by recruiting one person to recruit five, who in turn will each recruit five more, over the next five years until we reach five million champions for women.

I value women and commit to the Value Women Campaign by:

  • Recruiting five people to champion the cause for women, asking each of them to recruit five more
  • Valuing and supporting women
  • Working to end woman abuse, sexual violence and rape
  • Resisting sexism
  • Opposing oppression
  • Demanding equality
  • Believing in, supporting and encouraging women
  • Holding abusers accountable
  • Honouring women’s strengths
  • Supporting feminism
  • Saying NO to pornography
  • Taking global action for women’s/girl’s rights
  • Becoming a champion for women

Spread the word through posters, buttons and t-shirts with the logo:
The London Abused Women’s Centre has buttons available for $1.00, t-shirts for $15 and posters at no charge. Call 519-432-2204 or email

For further information on the campaign, call 519-432-2204 or email


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